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Satoshi Fumi - Colors
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This book documents the large-scale redevelopment of the labyrinthine Shibuya train station in the heart of Tokyo´s world-famous shopping district. Although many such ambitious construction projects are currently underway throughout Japan´s ever-renewing capital in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2020, the work at Shibuya Station is in a particularly dense and active area-the world´s busiest pedestrian crossing (where up to 2,500 people simultaneously traverse the street in five directions) is only a stroll away, while the station´s nine train lines have remained operational throughout renovations. Mixing black-and-white and color images taken at various times of day and night, Reconstruction is both a collection of stilled moments from this bustling process of transformation and an unconventional portrait of Shibuya.

Stand: Feb 19, 2019
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